What is flats style carp fishing? If you have been to a coastal destination to fish, you have probably seen a skiff set up for flats fishing. These boats usually float in very shallow water where the fish are barely in the water and heavily feeding. The boats have a large poling platform on the transom for spotting fish and for poling from. Ive been on a bonefish trip in Hawaii and got to experience these boats first hand. I quickly realized that this may be the most epic way to catch carp. so once I got back home, the planning began and the boat was built. I quickly started to rush to any lake nearby and immediately headed to the furthest coves i could. Once i started spotting fish i had to change my urban tactics, as now im on a boat and these fish eat “lake” type foods. sneaking on these fish takes persistence and a tad of luck but with a 20′ push pole, I began to get within feet of these fish and started catching them! It became obsessive for me, I was basically chasing bones and redfish in my backyard.

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